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There are stand alone tales to read here and collections with different themes in The Slices Collections menu.

Let me know your thoughts. All reviews welcome on any aspects from grammar to story mechanics – I don’t bite, I want your views.

The formats with links to the tales can be read on PDF from the pages. Some will be up on Kindle and Nook during 2019.

During a beta stage, the files will not be available for download and only viewed here as embedded PDFs. Beyond a short period, the tales will be available to all devices and present on Amazon KDP for free.



Gridlock short horror story

Ted is about to have a bad day in London traffic…

Stuck in London traffic and late for a job interview. Could Ted’s life get worse since laid off? After the familiar drive from Kent to the city for his old job, Ted finds himself trapped in snakes of bumper to bumper smoke belching steel. Then the madness sets in. The voices. Will he make it to the interview or lose himself to his darker half and embrace insanity?

Gridlock is one of many tales to read in the Flashes of Fear Slices Collection.

Written in UK English.

Read the short story for free

Number of Pages: 15

Zombie Road

Zombie Road - Zombie Horror story

Survival is no game…but the few escaping from Bakersfield will be put to the test…

A group of four escape from a sudden zombie attack that descends on the city of Bakersfield in California. There are few options as the undead give chase, devouring the States, city to city. Their best chance of survival is to reach Fort William but the fast moving hordes are closing in from all directions. Is this for real, a bad dream or a game?

Originally published in the Sirens Call Publications magazine, this short tale is here to read and is one of the tales in the Flashes of Fear Slices Collection.

Written in US English.

Read the short story for free

Number of Pages: 10


Double Click

double click short horror story

A writer’s sales are down, frustrations over a troll…and Jim has opened an attachment that raises hell…

Jim loves his horror writing career. So many envy his success following the long running Dark Tales series. In the indie world of horror, he is the book writer with a track record coveted by so many writers. Until someone starts trolling his book web pages on every bookstore. Can Jim’s life get worse? You bet. Jim opens an attachment that does far worse than any virus and releases a dark deadly force of evil.

As hell itself rips through into Jim’s world to play, will he survive – and catch the troll?

Written in UK English.

Read the short story for free

Number of Pages: 32


A short tale from history not horror…


Stepping out of horror into a dose of war history:
Boudicca: Last Stand Of The Warrior Queen

boudicca boudica boudicea












My fictionalised tale based on Boadicea’s last battle as she leads the Iceni tribe into a final battle. Cornered by a dense army of Roman soldiers intent on destroying her legacy, this will be the last stab at the Roman empire for her. Displeased and angered at her attack on Londonium, the Roman centurions face Boadicea and her army for the last time.

Why did i write this? Life is not just about – and therefore my writing – severed heads, marauding undead flesh eaters, evil spirits, possessed objects, devil worshippers, psychos and…you get the point.

Written in UK English.

Read the short story for free

Number of Pages: 5


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