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Unpleasant dreams!
A promise from Stephen Crowley

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The Slices Collections

Coming Summer 2021 Beta Reading

A collection of 6 tales from hearts that suffer from loss, pain and torment: the sweetest to the darkest of hearts. Will the broken heart consume the afflicted? Or will the protagonist learn a valuable lesson or simply learn to embrace the pain. A mixture of novelettes and short stories starting with a light ghost story and progressively darker as each tale goes by.

Flashes of Fear
Volume 1
Coming Summer 2021 Beta Reading

12 tales: a mixture of flash fiction and short stories.

The Circle

Beta reading from October 2021.

A millionaire and successful horror author invites a group of independent horror story writers to his manor for Halloween night to share stories though it is the secrets and terrors in their personal lives set to steer the evening as the night creeps by and the sinister past of the host is revealed.

Future Slices Collections


Tales of horror connecting the real world with the darkness beyond via a social media hashtag.


Series of dark tales serving up the monstrosities and phantoms out there among the stars and beyond the known cosmos.


Dummies, the favourite doll, Jack in the Box…
Just some of the playthings adored by children with a nasty surprise for the owner.


A series of chat tales on my horror blog and as an app.  


A Christmas themed collection of short frights as a psycho Santa delivers prezzies in a town riddled with dark tales.

A Stand Alone Short Tale...


Double Click

As I want to add more free tales to my sites, here is one short tale coming in the Summer 2021 about a writer fouling foul of a meddling and dangerous evil presence.




Upcoming Book Series From Autumn 2021

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wheeler stephen crowley

Raw Meat

Part One: Sara


Part One: Along The Corridor

Wheeler: Occult Detective

Episode 1: What you wish for…