The Slices Collections

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stephen crowley the slices collections

The bigger projects ahead involve the compilation of what I call The Slices Collections.

These are a series of books containing an assortment of tales according to a theme specific to the collection.

Only available through my blog, the tales are going out to beta readers for reviews on all aspects.

While the covers are mock ups, do also if you wish, comment on the style direction.

Here is what to expect asap.


Hearts by Stephen Crowley

Shades move from light to dark gradually as the 5 tales move forward. These tales deliver a quick heart wrenching read – with a bit of Christmas spirit, date night shocks and wedding blues thrown in.

This is available for beta readers like you to read. Open Hearts at your leisure and I welcome all reviews.

The Last Dance
The spirit of Sarah’s dead husband visits on Christmas night to spend the evening with his beloved and dance by the fireplace, but it is time to say Goodbye.

Life After Luke
Luke cheats death quite well but the reaper is far from pleased. Struck by extreme melancholy over the loss of his love in a car crash, Luke may be willing to make a deal with Death as the New Year closes in.

A demon wandering the spaces between worlds never could foresee how love would transform its between-worlds life into a real human existence.

Date With Death
For Diane, a night at a swanky Italian restaurant in London with her date, Mike, won’t go smoothly. Not due to another bad date but the zombie apocalypse brewing outside.

The Speech
The newly weds, Andy and Janine, find things take a turn at the reception dinner when an old flame from Andy’s past shows up. Good then that Janine’s family has a dark secret to reveal.

More tales on the way.

Along with Hearts, these two collections will be soon available to read here.


The Circle by Stephen Crowley

Available for beta readers from October 2020. The official release will be on Halloween 2021.

An aged well-known horror author Edward invites top horror writers to a dinner evening at his beautiful estate on Halloween. After dinner, each writer chats and tells a tale, their darkest tales through the night before the night’s hidden surprise from Edward is revealed.

Like Edward, the writers achieved worldwide recognition of their tales and are known to be among the best independent horror authors.

Before Edward’s twist in the night’s tale…

What is Matt seeing through intense visions as the night draws on? A hidden truth slowly unveils through Matt’s horrible psychic flashes.

And who is the shadow man, lurking around the grounds with a keen eye on Edward? Why is he creeping into the guest rooms and walking the gardens of Edward’s manor.

And the apparition of a woman in red, face unseen behind a flow of hair, walking Edward’s corridors.

As Halloween night seeps into the early hours of November, and the fire crackles, the lands of fiction and reality meet as secrets unearth to bring a true night of terror to the circle.

While the writers sift from one reading to another, a vengeful soul, a dark passenger from the past and a ghastly truth clambers to the surface.

The past, echoes of madness and death wander the hallways of Ed’s Manor, and a malicious act conceived by the host will reveal itself.

Embrace the darkness.


flashes of fear volume 1

The 2nd entry and first volume of Flashes Of Fear in the Slices Collections series with a mixture of flash fiction up to 1k words, and short stories up to 7k words.

This is available from November 2021, keep checking back if you wish to join the beta readers.

The mini-collection serves up a feast of short delights; a mixture of flash fiction and short story length tales.

Each of the 8 tales presents sharp scares and chills to quicken your heart beat. The tales lead you through a dark place, a place beyond our own yet so easily found, a domain where all things inhuman and the darkness in humanity touches the soul.

Story Titles

Dreams Come True
Night at the Scream Park
Non-Player Character
Money Or Your Soul.
Night Of The Meteor Shower
Time of the Gull
Zombie Road


During the beta stage, reviews from beta readers will help shape the books as I decide on a live date for Amazon.

I am looking for reviews from beta readers – like you.